Hi Friends!

I’m Lindz. A crochet obsessed, pie making, food loving, beer drinking Canadian living between the arctic and the farm. I hope to convert you to loving iced coffee and crochet as much as me so we can all stitch & twitch together.

Someone once told me I’ve already lived many lives. I would say that’s pretty true.

Former world traveler turned hooking homebody

Quick background about me in case you want to know. I’m from small town Ontario Canada. I studied Hotel & Food Administration at the University of Guelph. My degree allowed me opportunities to live and work in some of Canada’s most beautiful settings. I have lived in Kananaskis Alberta, Whistler and Victoria British Columbia, the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto, and now, I am currently living in the Canadian Arctic in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

My career was always working front line in hotels and restaurants, but I decided to take a break from that after a couple of restaurant openings, and found myself working as a spa reservation software trainer with luxury hotel properties around the world.

I traveled the world for 3 years staying at some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts in the most stunning of places.

 Why did I stop?

I was tired. I wanted to do the things that we sometimes take for granted. I wanted to bake bread, plant a garden, get a hobby, sleep in the same bed more than a few times a month.

I am so grateful for the things I was able to see and experience, but I do not regret letting the travel go either. I moved into a role that allowed me to work from home. I was able to move in with my partner Cam on his organic farm where you can ride the four wheeler or snowmobile next door for eggs, or we mill our own flour from the organic rye he grows. When I asked him if I could try my hand at a vegetable garden, he plowed out an entire barnyard for me to give it a go. And I thankfully, finally, had the time to perfect my pie dough recipe and learn how to crochet.

Once I realized all of the things (specifically for me all of the garments) you can you make out of a simple square or rectangle I had enough confidence to dive right into crocheting. After a few short months I already had a bit of a yarn buying problem and had tackled my first top and sweater.

So here we are! I just love crochet so much I had to share my ideas, patterns, and hopefully the crochet addiction with as many of you as possible. Welcome to the gang. Let’s make matching crochet jackets.



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