Summer Strawberry Tank

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As soon as I came across this adorable strawberry stitch I knew I had to wear it. I wanted an easy pattern, but one that would for some shaping. Thus the Summer Strawberry Tank was born.

I have been dreaming of strawberry picking and the smell of green grass. Sadly it is quite cold still in mid June in the Canadian Arctic so for now I will wear my top and pretend.

This is an easy, beginner friendly pattern. It uses mainly just the double crochet stitch. It has no increases or decreases and no seaming required as it is worked in the round. The chain spaces used to create a waist cinching belt allows you to pull it in a little to show off your waist.

The pattern can be adjusted to be longer, you can get creative with colours, and you can also mix up where you place the belt eyelets. Here are some gorgeous versions done by testers:

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The Pattern


Hook Size: 4.5mm G/7

Yarn: Worsted Weight Category 4 

Caron Simply Soft: Colour of Choice (Examples shown are Black and Off White) 

XS – 2 skeins, approx 342 yards 

S- 2 skeins, approx 397 yards

M – 2 skeins, approx 425 yards

L – 2 skeins, approx 494 yards

XL – 2 skeins, approx 549 yards

2X – 2 skeins, approx 591 yards

3X – 3 skeins, approx 646 yards

4X – 3 skeins, approx 687 yards

5X – 3 skeins, approx 743 yards

All sizes -1 skein Red, 1 skein Kelly Green 

Additional Materials

Blunt needle for weaving in ends

Measuring tape


Stitch Markers


 4”x4” = 8 rows x 14 stitches(dc)

Abbreviations and Glossary (US Terms):

Sl = slip stitch

Ch = chain

Ch-sp = chain space

Sc = single crochet

Dc = double crochet

**[ ] = repeat

Pattern Notes:

Pattern written for size XS with (( S, M, L, XL),( 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X)) in brackets as shown

Finished Dimensions:

Width: XS – 29” ((S- 33”, M – 37”, L – 41”, XL – 45”)(2X – 49”, 3X – 53”, 4X – 57”, 5X – 61”))

Length: 15”

  • It is very important to not make your initial chain too tight, or your top will feel snug at the bottom. Chain loosely.
  • Ensure that when joining your rounds you are not adding or dropping stitches and maintain the same number of stitches for every round. 
  • Chain 3 at the beginning of the rows counts as a stitch. 

Strawberry stitch

Using Red yarn: Yo, insert crochet hook into next st, dc 6 times in the same stitch, drop lp from hook, insert hook from front to back through top of first st made, place dropped red  lp back on your hook and pull Green yarn through the st. Insert hook between each red stitch and yo, pull up lp until 6 lps on hook. Yo pull through all lps on your hook. Using Black yarn, Ch 1. Tug everything tightly into place. See photos for reference.


Round 1: LOOSELY Ch 99 ((115, 123, 143, 159)(171,187,199,215)) being careful not to twist the ch, sl st into the first ch to form a ring. 

Rounds 2-13: Ch 3. Dc in the next ch and each ch around. sl st into the top of the ch 3 to join. 

99 sts ((115, 123, 143, 159)(171,187,199,215 sts))

If you would like your top to be longer than 15”, add a few rows before continuing on to the instructions for Round 14.

Round 14: This is where we will make the eyelet openings for our waist tie.

Ch3. Dc in the next two st. **[Ch 1. Skip the next st and place 1 Dc in the next 3 st] repeat this 23 times ((27,29,34,38)(41,45,48,52 times))until you reach the end of the round and connect with a sl st. 

74 sts & 24 ch-sp((87 sts & 28 ch-sp, 93 sts & 30 ch-sp, 108 sts & 35 ch-sp, 120 sts & 39 ch-sp)(129 sts & 42 ch-sp,141 sts & 46 ch-sp,150 sts & 49 ch-sp,162 sts & 53 ch-sp))

Rounds 15-30: Ch 3. Dc in the next st and each st around. Sl st to join.

99 sts ((115, 123, 143, 159)(171,187,199,215 sts))

Round 31: Ch 3. Dc in the next st. Dc in the next st, but before pulling your yarn through the last two loops on your hook switch to Red yarn and pull it through the last two loops. In the next st, Strawberry Stitch *see pattern notes*. Lay the red and green yarn down over the st of the row below and dc over the two colours using Black into each of the next 3 st. This will allow you to ‘carry’ all three colours of yarn through the entire round *see image below*. **[Strawberry st in the next st, dc in the following 3 sts.] Complete this 22 times ((27,29,34,38)(41,45,48,52 times))until you reach the end of the round and connect with a sl st. Cut green and red yarn leaving a 5” tail. Weave in ends. 

74 sts & 24 strawberries((87 sts & 28 strawberries, 93 sts & 30 strawberries, 108 sts & 35 strawberries, 120 sts & 39 strawberries)(129 sts & 42 strawberries,141 sts & 46 strawberries,150 sts & 49 strawberries,162 sts & 53 strawberries))

Rounds 32-33: Using black yarn, Ch 1. Sc in each st around. Sl st to join. See image below of where to complete the sc sts

99 sts ((115, 123, 143, 159)(171,187,199,215 sts))  

Finishing: Cut yarn leaving a 5” tail and pull through the last lp. Weave in ends. 


Starting from the sl st join of round 33, count clockwise (in the same direction you have been crocheting with the right side facing you) out to the 12((14,16,18,20)22,24,26,28) st and place a stitch marker here. then count to the 28((31,34,38,41)45,49,52,55) st and place another stitch marker. Continue counting for another 28((31,34,38,41)45,49,52,55) st and place a stitch marker. Lastly, count 28((31,34,38,41)45,49,52,55) more st and place your final stitch marker there. This is where your straps will be located. I suggest trying the top on and making sure you are happy with the strap placement and adjust as needed.

Starting at your first stitch marker, connect your yarn (main body colour or red) and ch 46. Sc in the second ch and all the way down. Sl st into the next st. Sl st again into the next stitch after that, turn and sc in each sc st to the end (45 st). Cut yarn leaving a 5” tail and weave in ends. Complete these steps at each stitch marker. See photos below. You can hide the slip stitches when you weave in the end.

 Waist tie:

Lay your top down flat. Cut 3 lengths of Red yarn roughly 5 times the width of the top. Tie the 3 pieces together in a knot 3 “ from the top. Tape the end to the floor in front of you and braid all the way down until you have 3” remaining. Tie the end in a knot. Fray the ends of the yarn strands. Starting at the back center, weave the waist tie in and out of the ch1 spaces until you reach the middle of the front of the top. Do the same on the other side and loosely tie in a bow at the front of the top. 

Thank you so much for your support!

Please feel free to share any pictures of your finished makes on instagram and tag @love.lindz and use the hashtag #summerstrawberrytank

If you have any questions you can email me at:



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